Signs You Need Professional Duct Sealing in Palm Beach County, FL

Do you hear strange noises coming from your vents? Are your energy bills too high? Do you feel drafts coming out of the vents? Do you notice musty or strange odors when your boiler or air conditioner is working? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be time to consider duct sealing in Palm Beach County, Florida. Older homes may not have ductwork that is suitable for today's high-efficiency HVAC systems. Ducts and their related parts, such as joints and joists, start to deteriorate after 15 years and reach their maximum lifespan of 20 to 25 years. Without proper maintenance, a normal home can waste up to 30 percent of air conditioning due to weakly connected ducts and broken ducts. Air leaks can cause the unit to work longer than necessary and result in higher home energy bills.

If you suspect that your ducts are not functioning properly, contact an expert for a free consultation. They will inspect your supply lines and advise you on the best improvements for your home. Whether you need to replace or seal your ducts, the work is backed by a one-year 100% satisfaction guarantee. Cracks in the air ducts can further reduce efficiency by up to 20 percent. If your ducts show signs of tangles or damage, consider installing an air conditioner.

The plastic material used to make ducts is susceptible to breaks, tangles, and tears that prevent air circulation in your home. While the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system will continue to work, damaged ducts prevent significant amounts of filtered air from reaching interior areas of the home, forcing the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system to work harder and increasing energy bills. If your house in Palm Beach, Florida, stays full of dust all the time, you may have leaking ducts. Leaks allow dirt and dust to enter the ducts and the air conditioner to escape. If your home is constantly full of dust, call your technician right away; otherwise, you put your respiratory health and that of your family at risk.

Most duct systems last 10 to 15 years. It is essential to know that duct joints, seals and joints deteriorate over time due to natural wear and tear. If your ducts have served you for more than 10 years, it may be time to consider air duct sealing services before major problems arise, such as voids, pests, or even collapsed duct sections. You should ask a professional to determine if sealing services are the solution to your problem. If you've done all the repairs but your ducts are still leaking, call Schmidt Mechanical to help you seal the ducts so that your home remains comfortable all year round. Sealing ducts can sometimes be difficult because the ducts are often hidden in walls, attics, basements and narrow spaces, making them difficult to access.

The duct system in your Palm Beach County home plays a critical role in supplying cold or warm air to multiple rooms. You may also have a clogged air duct or it may be too small for the air you need for a comfortable environment. If you have a leaking air duct system in West Palm Beach, Florida, you might notice that some rooms are colder or hotter than others. Once the ducts are properly sealed by a professional technician, you'll notice that utility bills are more reasonable, your home's energy efficiency is greater, and airflow and comfort improve.

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