What Training is Needed for Professional Duct Sealing in Palm Beach County, FL?

Are you looking for a reliable air duct sealing company in Florida? It's essential to make sure they have the right training and certifications. At Power Vac America, we provide comprehensive training courses for air duct sealing companies and private classes for those who need more personalized instruction. In 2001, a study found that the Massachusetts Energy Code requirements for duct sealing were largely neglected. Researchers inspected 186 new homes in Massachusetts and discovered that around 80% of them had serious issues with the quality of duct sealing.

Homeowners should be aware of the basics of sealing and cleaning air ducts to guarantee that a professional job is done. Specialty contractors must be classified and defined in the rules and regulations of the Palm Beach County Construction Industry Licensing Board. Generally, about 20% of the air moving through the duct system is lost due to leaks, holes, and poorly connected ducts. Learn how much energy is lost through ductwork and how sealing and insulating ductwork can help save energy, improve indoor air quality, and increase safety. According to Krigger and Dorsi, “leaks range from less than 50 cfm25 for a fairly hermetic duct system to more than 500 cfm25 for a duct system with a lot of leaks.”The most common method for testing the tightness of a duct system is the duct-fan test (also known as the Duct Blaster test).

Builders will soon need to catch up on duct testing, as recent changes to the code will require all residential duct systems, except those that are completely within a home's thermal envelope, to be tested for leaks. He must be actively involved in the construction business in Palm Beach County and have held a certificate of competence in his name for at least 5 consecutive years before his appointment. The member architect and engineer must also be licensed in the state of Florida and a resident of Palm Beach County.

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